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Hi Everyone

I am Frank Ohlin the founder of Vytal Fitness and Weight Loss and Vytal Coaching and Consulting. I am devoted to business and personal empowerment and transformation. I am a fitness advocate/expert who goes to the gym, road and mountain bikes and I read everything I can lay may hands on about fitness, healthy eating, weight loss, coaching and fitness products. I am vitally interest in cutting edge trends. Adventure travel, boating, writing, mountain and distance biking, family time with my wife and kids and fast cars are among my interests.

Mountain Biking Myra Canyon To Penticton BC On a Gorgeous Summer Day

I am a life long learner and enjoy the challenge of making and reaching new goals. If you are here, you are in the right place to receive and share motivation tips and help with your life goals, fitness and your journey to optimal health.

My wife, Camille, daughter Heather, son Michael and me kiking around Tulum, Mexico.
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What Topics?

This blog will be about cutting edge trends in fitness and fitness products, and reviews. Please visit and connect via this blog about your tips and ideas about health and healthy eating. Weight loss plans and creative menus, food choices, exercise plans, and posts about dining experiences and stories as well as cooking, grilling, you name it. If it’s fun, helpful and motivational, that is what we will be will hope to publish.

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How Do Our Muscles and Muscle Memory Work Anyway?

Reach Out To Like-Minded Friends Who Love Eating & Exercise

I would love to connect with people who enjoy dining, eating healthy or want to start, those who are curious about fitness methods, plans, products, people who can share their stories and ideas and who either need motivation from time to time or who wish to share motivation to achieve our best weight, our optimum body mass, and transformation goals and results.

I hope to help those who visit Vytal Fitness and Weight Loss and I look forward to making many new friends through blogging and connecting with you.

Check out the Blog Title “How Machine Learning is Unlocking the Secrets of Human movement – and Reshaping Pro Sports

Wishing you fitness and the best life possible ~Regards, Frank

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