Waterton Lake National Park

Waterton is Waiting For You

Canoe and Kayak Experiences Unparalleled For Beauty and Stillness
Imagine Yourself In a Kayak at the break of dawn and Ice Climbing after lunch
To Find Waterton National Park

One of the best travel destinations in Western Canada is Waterton National Park. You find it tucked away in the very southwest corner of Alberta, Canada and for Canadians, Waterton is perfect for a 4-day weekend.

There is such a variety of activities in Waterton you could stay for a month, or more and not hike all her trails, experience all her lakes, revel in her back county prairie and lofty mountains. wildlife watching is easy.

Waterton is waiting whether love the back-country, or you want to the fun of easy mountain walks or if you’d like to curl up with a good book on your deck with the mountain scenery around you, you will be amazed with the natural glory of Waterton and all she has to offer.

Lewis Overthrust- It Will Inspire Awe

Geologic Thrust Fault Structure

Lewis Overthrust is found within the bordering Waterton and Glacier Parks

The structure was created due to the collision of tectonic plates about 170 million years ago that drove a several mile thick wedge of rock 50 mi eastwards, causing it to overlie softer Cretaceous age rock that is 400 to 500 million years younger.

Waterton is located in the Rocky Mountains and while you hike the miles of pristine trails you will pass by crystal clear lakes and acres of wildflowers
Waterton Is Waiting with its rugged natural beauty that you won’t see anywhere else in the world

Hike up Bears Hump With The Kids To Get Warmed Up…Then…

Take In a Cruise, Hike To Crandell Lake, Visit a Museum, Mountain Bike

Waterton Townsite 2016

Waterton Wildlife Festival
September 13 – 16, 2018
Waterton’s wildlife is at its best in the fall. This weekend features a variety of wildlife events. Visit watertonwildlife.com for more information.

Stroll through Waterton in the late afternoon and explore the village-the boutiques and unique local shops are delightful and filled with just what you are looking for.

You’ll Want to Stay!

For Adventure, Plan Your Trip…

Live a Vytal Life-See You Soon-Regards-Frank Ohlin

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